DNIG is proud to support the following scholarships and bursaries through RNFOO. For application details, please visit the RNFOO website.

Diabetes Nursing Interest Group Scholarship 1x$2,000.

To be awarded to an RN pursuing diverse continuing education in the area of diabetes education and care specific to type 2 diabetes. The applicant must demonstrate a significant commitment to diabetes education and care in a community with an Aboriginal population. First consideration will be given to nurses of Aboriginal origin. Applicants must be members of the Diabetes Nursing Interest Group of RNAO.

DNIG Research Award 1x$3,000

This award will support a graduate level student in either a Ph.D., MScN or MN program, conducting research focused on an aspect of nursing related to either education, prevention or management of diabetes. Applicants must provide a complete a research proposal that has been submitted for ethics approval. Applicants must be a member of DNIG.

DNIG Northern Students Tuition Support 1x$1,000

To provide an opportunity to a Registered Nurse or graduating baccalaureate nursing student* living and working in Regions 11 or 12 1 who wishes to pursue advanced education (certificate or degree) focusing on diabetes education/care for persons living with diabetes, and who has demonstrated a significant commitment to the cause of diabetes. Applicants must be members of the RNAO Diabetes Nursing Interest Group. 1 A nursing student studying outside of Region 11 or 12 must provide proof of a permanent address within the designated area.

DNIG Special Projects in Diabetes Award 1x$1,000

(will be offered with the RNFOO Nurses in Practice stream, with applications submitted in April/ May)

To provide an opportunity to a Registered Nurse who wishes to complete a special project focusing on diabetes. The applicant must have proof of significant interest in diabetes research, education, and care, and be currently practicing, or intending to practice, in the field. Applicants must be members of the RNAO Diabetes Nursing Interest Group. Applicants who have received a previous award from DNIG are not eligible for this award. The project description, including budget estimates, must be provided.