Call for Nominations - Join the DNIG Executive

DNIG members are from diverse backgrounds and practice in a number of areas. What brings us together is a mutual interest in strengthening the nursing contribution to diabetes prevention, care and management of those living with diabetes. DNIG exists to support nurses with an interest in diabetes through education, networking opportunities and other supports.

If you know someone who has the passion and energy for leadership please consider putting their name forward for nomination. If that person is you, there is a seat at the executive table.

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is here! Featuring an in-depth interview with Krista Lamb, author of Beyond Banting: From Insulin to Islet Transplants, Decoding Canada’s Diabetes Superstars, and much more.

Interest Group Spotlight Event

Check out this video we produced for RNAO's Durham Northumberland Chapter. Learn more about our upcoming events and elections!

DNIG & NRIG Social Media Collaboration

January 2021: We had the pleasure of working with the Nursing Research Interest Group (NRIG) on a social media collaboration. Check out our Twitter pages @DnigRnao and @RNAOnrig for more information regarding diabetes and COVID-19, educational opportunities, virtual care resources, and ways to get involved with DNIG.