Lisa Herlehy

Lisa Herlehy


About Lisa

Lisa is a Nurse Practitioner working in Prince Edward County. Her interest in diabetes began as a Registered Nurse at The Ottawa Hospital where she worked as a diabetes educator for a number of years. Her current role involves the provision of care in the home to clients with complex needs, the elderly and those requiring palliative care in their final days. Connecting with nurses through DNIG is important to Lisa as it provides opportunities to learn from each other while also helping to advance nursing knowledge in the areas of prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Role of the Chair 

  • Provide leadership of the DNIG
  • Act as a link between the DNIG and RNAO
  • Attend Assembly meetings
  • Attend the Interest Group Chairs meeting
  • Recruit DNIG Executive
  • Maintain a record of all meetings of DNIG and the Executive Committee and send a copy of the minutes to RNAO office
  • Ensure notice of the Annual meetings and agenda are sent to members
  • Address correspondence with the DNIG