Margaret Little

Margaret Little


About Margaret 

My nursing career has always been in the diabetes field, as a diabetes educator and as a facilitator of diabetes education for health professionals.  Some highlights include: developing the in-patient diabetes education program at Hotel Dieu, Kingston; starting the local chapter of the Diabetes Educator Section of the Canadian Diabetes Association—now Diabetes Canada—which I chaired for several years, and with the local CDA chapter provided education to members. For many years, I organised the annual professional conference—Options for Diabetes—in Kingston. Currently I am a diabetes educator with the Rideau Valley Diabetes Services.

Role of the Treasurer (Finance Officer) 

  • Prepare the annual budget 
  • Maintain the DNIG accounts, keeping a record of all moneys received and expended
  • Submit a financial update at every general meeting, and at the request of the Chair
  • Issue and sign cheques for payment of authorized expenditures
  • Send a financial statement to RNAO office at the end of the year
  • Submit bookkeeping records to RNAO office for audit when requested
  • Address issues arising that pertain to DNIG finances