Certification as a Diabetes Educator (CDE)

The CDE is the gold standard but acquiring this qualification requires a lot of work. Here are some suggestions about where to start. The DNIG executive put together this information a few years ago with the help of DNIG member Aileen Knip RN BScN MN CCHN CDE.

Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board (CDECB)
The CDEC Board is responsible for the development and administration of the certification program for Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) in Canada.
The Board is independent and separate from all other diabetes related organizations and associations. Please note, the Diabetes Canada is not involved with certification.

CDE Examination Requirements:
The certification examination is competency based. To take the exam, you must be registered with a regulatory body in Canada as a healthcare professional. In addition, you must have accumulated at least 800 hours of practice in diabetes education within the 3 years prior to the application deadline. This practice must have been obtained while registered with a regulatory body in Canada as a health professional.

The cost for sitting the examination is $550 (application and examination fees). Certification is good for 5 years and can be maintained by writing the examination or by accumulating a credit portfolio.

The application deadline for the certification examination in 2024 is February 1st. 

For additional information, go to the CDECB website to download the Examination Handbook. The handbook lists the competencies, together with 10 test questions and a list of study resources, including a link to educational materials on the CDA website. Or, you can contact CDECB by e-mail: cdecb@cdecb.ca